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Wings, Claws, Hooves or Fins

The Diversity of The Animal World
2013, "All Rights Reserved", Bird, Canon, Cormorant, "Crosswind Images", "EF 500mm f/4L IS", Eating, Feeding, Fish, "Gilbert Riparian Preserve", January, "Jay Beckman", "Natural World", Nature, "NaturMeerkatLooking For A HandoutA Clean Cat is a Happy CatContemplationSpikeEvolvingA Quiet Afternoon of FishingThere Be DinosaursJust Out Here Having Fun...You'd Be Smiling Too...Anytime Baby!Fierce Desert ResidentGrevy's ZebraKomodo Dragon Up ClosePeacock FinerySandhill CraneSumatran TigerOne HorsepowerBrown Tarantula