In 1911, Naval Aviation was born using fragile wood and cloth aircraft. Forged through two world wars, Korea, Viet Nam and countless humanitarian efforts, today's United States Navy is truly the tip of the spear and goes in harms way over, under and on the high seas.

On February 12, 2011, Naval Aviation came home to San Diego, California to kick off a year-long celebration with an Open House and Parade of aircraft over Naval Air Station North Island.

Watch for many of these same "legacy" paint schemes at air shows and aviation events all across the United States throughout 2011. FLY NAVY!
Lockheed S-3 VikingLockheed S-3 VikingBoeing EA-18G "Growler"Once and Future PairSH-60 SeahawkSH-60 SeahawkSH-60 SeahawkSH-60 SeahawkSH-60F SeahawkSH-60F SeahawkSH-60F SeahawkBoeing F/A-18C HornetBoeing F/A-18C HornetSea Elk Mascot "Lucky"Bell-Boeing VM-22B OspreyBell Boeing MV-22B OspreyBoeing Vertol CH-46E Sea KnightBoeing Vertol CH-46E Sea KnightCOD SquadHU-25A Guardian